How to Create a Video Summary for Podcasts, Meetings, and Webinars

A lot of people wanted to know if there a way they can summarize a webinar or a podcast. So here’s a quick guide on how you can create a video/audio enabled summary for any video or audio recording of a conversation.

Symbl is a developer platform for Conversational Intelligence. You can use Symbl APIs for extracting contextual insights like topics, questions, action items, etc., along with speech to text from any Natural language human conversation. We’ll be using Symbl’s Async Video API and Experience API.

Step 1: Postman Collection

Click here for the Postman collection

Postman is an app used to make API calls without much code. You can download the app or sign up on

Step 2: Authentication

Get your Symbl API access. Sign up here on

Now on the Postman collection, go to POST Generate Authentication under the Authentication folder and replace the appID and appSecret.

You’ll get an API Key when you hit send. This is required to make other API calls with Symbl and is currently stored in the Postman Collection globally as X-API-KEY.

Step 3: Upload your file

You can use the Async API from the Postman Collection to make a POST Async Video File or URL call. You’ll need a file URL hosted on an open cloud (S3 bucket/Google cloud or any URL.

Don’t forget to use the query params to enable conversation name, speaker diarization, confidence threshold, and custom vocabulary, etc. The job should take about 30-40% duration of the original audio/video file. You can check the status of processing using the Job API.

Step 4: Use Experience API

Create a conversation summary page using the Experience API. You can customize this page with your own logos, titles, and also some custom threshold for insights. You can share this URL via email/slack or embed it to your webpages.

If you’re looking for similar applications for your conversations, head to our Github repo and explore the sample apps. Get stuck somewhere? Talk to our Engineers. 💻

Building something crazy? Talk to us about your solution. Free ice-creams 🍦if you tweet about it. ✌️



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